Sunday, May 13, 2007

BBQ Beef Brisket

This oven-cooked recipe turned out wonderful-- incredibly juicy and tender. Cut into slices and serve with beans and a salad, or shred it and put on GF hamburger buns. Either way, slather with the following tangy BBQ sauce.. it really compliments the beef!

Serves 8 (10+ as sandwich meat)
Overnight prep
20 minutes + 5 hours
-large, DEEP DISH, 13 x 9 inch disposable Al pan
-empty tin cans to collect beef fat

4-5 lb beef brisket
2 tbsp. Colgin's liquid smoke (I used Mesquite flavor)
2 tbsp. garlic powder*
2 tbsp. onion powder*
3 cups BBQ Sauce: Beef BBQ Sauce (or favorite bottled BBQ sauce)
*Colgin's Liquid Smoke is GF; McCormick spices are GF
10 GF BBQ sandwich buns
Bakes beans

Day before:
1. Cut the raw meat out from it's package and place into the large, deep dish Aluminum pan with the fatty side down. Rinse beef with water, then drain (careful to keep hold of the meat when draining).
2. Splash meat evenly with 1 tbsp. liquid smoke, then cover with 1 tbsp each of garlic and onion powder. Rub powders and liquid smoke into meat with your hands. Flip the meat (fatty side should now be up) and evenly pour 1 more tbsp. liquid smoke, garlic and onion powders over the beef. Rub flavors into this side like you did previously. Leave meat fatty side up.
3. Cover meat tightly with Aluminum foil and place in the fridge to marinate overnight.
Day of:
1. Preheat over to 300 F. Take marinated brisket out of the fridge and cook for 5 hours at 300 F. Remove fat periodically from pan if you want.
**Cook up BBQ sauce when there is ~30 minutes remaining for the beef
2. Remove beef from the oven and uncover. Scrape excess fat gently off the top of the meat (it should peel right off.. gross). Careful not to scrape off too much of the meat since the meat is very tender. Spoon fat into waiting empty tin can(s). Discard fat.
3. Once all the excess fat is removed, cut brisket (perpendicular to the grain) into thick slices or shred meat for BBQ beef sandwiches. Smother with warm BBQ sauce and enjoy with baked beans (I used Bush's Best Original Baked Beans), chips and a summer salad.

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