Monday, April 23, 2007

Pan-Fried Parsley Potatoes

Another potato side dish.. I've been on a spud kick. These are so fast and easy to make, but the potatoes must be smaller red potatoes and cut super thin ~1/8th inch. I used a mandolin slicer and it worked well (watch your fingers). Eat plain or melt sharp cheddar cheese over these babies.. they are sooo good. Adapted from the Gooseberry Patch Summer(?) cookbook.

Serves 2
25 minutes
-large saucepan or skillet
-sharp knife or mandolin slicer
Quick and simple

3-4 smaller red potatoes (russets are too starchy)
3-4 tbsp. butter or non-dairy butter alternative-- I used Earth Balance Buttery Sticks
2-4 tbsp. dried parsley flakes*
2-3 tbsp. dried whole thyme leaves* (not powder)
salt and pepper to taste

Cheddar CHEESE for topping
*McCormick spices are GF

1. Wash and thinly cut the red potatoes into 1/8th inch small slices. Don't bother to peel them. Let the slices soak in cold water for 5 minutes.
2. Drain potatoes and place into large saucepan, spreading them out over the whole surface. Begin cooking them over medium heat.
3. Right away, cut the butter into small 'chunks' and place into the pan, mixing in with the potato slices. The butter will spit a little since the potatoes are wet, so be careful. You don't need too much butter (not enough to puddle in the saucepan), but add in more if your spuds are not all glistening with melted butter.
4. Generously shake a tablespoon or two of both the dried parsley and thyme leaves over the potatoes. Stir until well mixed, then add in two MORE tbsp. of spices (keep in mind thyme is stronger than parsley). Like the with the butter, each potato slice should be well coated with thyme and parsley.
5. Let potatoes cook over heat for a total of around 10-12 minutes, turning and mixing the slices carefully, so as to not totally burn the bottom layer. Make sure the top layer get 'rotated' to the bottom. The potatoes are done when they are tender and slightly toasted, as shown above.
6. Remove from heat and season further with salt, pepper or cheese. Mix in cheddar cheese while still hot, so it begins to melt and coat the slices. Would go well with breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


Sea said...

Looks really good! I have been neglecting potatoes lately and reading your posts reminds me how much I love them!

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smash. said...

I absolutely love potatoes. Just recently I've re-discovered them and I've been happy with the results. I must try your potato noodles once finals are over!